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  Hotel Explora
The interior of the hotel is warm and welcoming with large windows that all seem to offer outstanding vistas of the glacier and surrounding mountains. The delicious restaurant, comfortable living room and every single one of the 32 bedrooms are also blessed by the unbeatable view. Service is top notch and the restaurant serves delicious cuisine in style.

A stay at Hotel Explora includes all meals, excursions inside the national park, and transfers to and from most nearby destinations. Stays at the hotel are only available in four and seven day packages.

The hotel is located about inside the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

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Hotel Explora Included Excursions

Excursion  Length Difficulty    Description partner sites
Walking and Hiking Excursions:
Base of Torres del Paine Full-day Medium Depart your hotel on a vehicle and travel to the drop off point. Walk through excellent trail with views of multi-colored lakes and majestic mountains. Final view of the Torres del Paine mountains is the highlight of the park.
Glacier Grey Full-day Medium Explore icebergs, rivers, gorges, and forests as you follow beautiful trails with views of the Grey Lake and Glacier. Also included is the boat navigation that will take you right up to the glacier for further unforgettable views.
Mirador Nordenskjold Half-day Low This excursion allows you to experience the magnificent Salto Grande waterfall along with providing you excellent views of Valle Frances, Macizo Paine Grande, and Cuernos del Paine.
Alturas del Toro Half-day Medium This quiet path leads you through beech forest and lakes to the enormous Lago Toro, the emerald river Paine, and golden prairie of the Valle Rio Serrano.
  Horse-back Riding Excursions:
Refugio Pehoe Full-day Medium This excursions offers breathtaking views of Macizo Paine and Grey Lake and Glacier. Some previous riding experience is required for this exploration.
The Quincho Half-day Easy Beautiful views of the Torres del Paine mountain range are mixed in with vistas of the Sierra Bagueles mountains and Rio de las Chinas. There is an excellent barbecue at the Quincho before or after the excursion.
Mirador Donoso Full-day Easy This unexplored area of the park is perfect for a riding exploration. Pass through flower-filled meadows and narrow forest trails as you journey by lakes with views of the countryside.
Rio Serrano Half-day Easy Ride along the deep-blue water of Rio Serrano and enjoy views of snowcapped Monte Balmaceda. Return along the golden prairie of the Pampa Serrano that offer views of the majestic Cuernos del Paine.
  Other Excursions and Activities:
Wildlife at
Laguna Azul
Full-day Low Short walks around Laguna Azul and chances to wildlife such as guanacos, Darwin's rheas, condors, foxes, and other Patagonian animals. Traditional lamb and vegetable barbecue served in the middle of the day.

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