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The many highlights of travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina
   Buenos Aires, Argentina, and South America Trip Reviews

The reviews on this page were all written by AR Tourism customers. The text has not been edited by the AR Tourism staff, but have rather been posted here for the benefit of the traveling public.

Here are the reviews of trips to Buenos Aires, along with other destinations in South America:

Buenos Aires is a vibrant cosmopolitan city. AR Tourism's choice of Loi Suites in the Ricoleta is a fine one. Lovely hotel and the most enjoyable neighborhood for tourists. The city tour gave us a good sense of the neighborhoods of interest. The city comes to life at 10 PM. Many great restaurants and clubs. Night life galore. Taking cabs is very affordable. The exchange rate gives Americans an opportunity to live the good life at bargain prices.

The trip to Colonia, Paraguay was a wasted day. It is a long boat ride without vistas and the town is too small and devoid of intersting attractions. Much of the day was spent at a bad restaurant.

The tour of the lakes is sensational. Four days crossing the lake region from Argentina to Chile. Todos los Santos is a magnificent lake bordered by beautiful mountains and snow capped volcanos. A must for any trip to Argentina. The tour begins at Barioloche which was not a particularly pleasant place to stay. If you can fly there and leave the same day that would be preferable. If Lan Airlines can't oblige then take the cable car ride up the mountain to enjoy the great views of the lake and pleasant hiking. The flies can be quite annoying in the summer.

We were disappointed by our time in Santiago. Little of interest and we did not enjoy our tour to Valpariso or Vina del Mar. The wine country was enjoyable. For those interested in politics, this is a significant time for Chile with their new woman president Michele Bachalet. Palace de la Moneda is filled with history. The natural world holds more charms in Chile than the cities.

Review By: Laurie B. from San Francisco, CA

I was a flight attendant for 10 years and have traveled to many destinations. I have to admit that most of them did not live up to the pictures in the brochures. I can honestly say that in all the years of traveling only 3 destinations did live up to my expectations and one of those was Argentina. Argentina was not a high priority for me but my son was competing in a sailing event there and that was the impetus that took us there. Well we have not stopped talking about it since. Thanks to Michael Zurakhinsky and AR Tourism, it was an AMAZING vacation for both my husband and I and our three children, aged 17, 14 and 11 years. Everything, from transfers, tours, airline tickets to hotels were organized and all of his recommendations were great.

Because we were traveling with children we did not spend a lot of time in Buenos Aires but if we ever go back would love to do more exploring in the city. We did, however, spend a night at Iguazu Falls and then traveled down to Bariloche and El Calafate, all of which I would highly recommend. We visited an amazing ranch in Bariloche where the whole family participated in horseback riding and one of the highlights was a "rope course" which was amazing. The Petit Moreno Glacier in El Calafate is not to be missed. We loved the ice trekking trip on the glacier.

It's an amazing country and we can't wait to go back!

Review By: Sue R. from Saint George, Bermuda

My wife and I recently booked our trip to Argentina through We found the agency to be tremendously helpful in making our arrangements inside Argentina. They booked all of our domestic flights, and made sure that our travel schedules allowed us to take full advantage of each of our destinations.

We started our trip in Buenos Aires and spent several days exploring the sites, sounds, and tastes of this diverse city. We typically do not do tours, but found our guide to be incredibly knowledgeable and really added to our experience. We chose to do the half-day Jewish tour in combination with the half-day city tour. We were able to learn and see much more with the guide than we would have on our own. The guided tour had the added bonus of getting picked up at the airport instead of having to take a taxi!

From BA we made our way down to Calafate which was the highlight for both of us. You must do the Upsala Explorer tour and the Perrito Moreno tour. Upsala gives you unimaginable views of the thousands of icebergs in Lago Argentina, as well as the Upsala glacier. Estancia Christina was beautiful, and the lunch was one of the best meals we had! Perrito Moreno gives you the chance to walk on the glacier which was truly amazing.

From Calafate we headed back up to Bariloche and then on to Iguazu. Iguazu was really incredible as well. The best think about Argentina is the natural diversity. In a matter of a few hours flight, you can be in the southernmost region of the world surrounded by glaciers in Calafate, then in a tropical rain forest in Iguazu. The food and wine were among the best we've had anywhere we've been in the world. Argentina has something for everyone, and is one of the best vacations we've ever had!

Review By: Michael D. from Chicago, IL

Our trip to Argentina was unforgettable. We didn't really know what to expect having never been to South America before. Buenos Aires was fantastic. Very European, yet with a wonderful spanish flair. The restaurants, the boulevards, the shopping! It was really special. But the Tango. That was, the best part.

Iguazu Falls was my husbands favorite. We had been to Niagra Falls many years ago, there is no comparison. The natural beauty surrounding the falls, the expanse of the falls, was amazing.

The Lake crossing through the Andes into Chile had some of the most beautiful scenery, i have ever seen. The pristine lakes, the absolute solitude, very unique.

My favorite, the Perito Merino Glacier in El Calafate. I've been to the Canadian Icefields, but this magnificent glacier, (that is not shrinking, actually advancing), was so much more impressive. We took a great glacier hike, complete with ice shoes, amazing. We hiked all around the lake, surrounding the glacier, on another excursion. The sound of the glacier crashing into the the lake on a constant basis, brought hoots and smiles everytime. So much fun.

To have been to these places, to know, as i write this, the falls are flowing, the Andes are standing there, so majestically, and the Glacier continues to be crashing into the lake makes me realize how small i am and how lucky i was to see this. Thank you, and AR tourism for taking us there. Everything was top notch. Our tour guides, loved them. Our transports, always on time. Everything was wonderful.

Review By: Cindy and Michael U. from Malverne, NY

Just to let you know that we're back -- had a fabuloso trip -- Buenos Aires is stunning -- Iguacu beyond all expectations. Both hotels were excellent (between you and me, much more luxurious than our usual penny-pinching style) -- the Loi Suites were particularly nice and very conveniently located for our tango activities. The setting for Das Cataratas is beyond description -- our room overlooked the falls!!

Also the driver from Grandes Aguas in Iguacu (Rocque -- or something like that) who met us at the airport was a lifesaver. We had not realized that we needed a visa for Brazil and he discovered it as he looked at our papers as we were driving to the border. Luckily it was early on Tuesday morning and he knew where we could find an ATM, where we could get rapid electronic photos made and where the Brazilian consulate was. By lunchtime we were on the road again and all was well. Besides he was exceptionally nice and a very pleasant and reassuring companion. If there's a way for you to let the company know that he's a special employee, it would be great.

So thanks for your part in making our trip so memorable -- we much appreciate your efforts and all that you did to give us one of our best vacations ever.

Review By: Jane C. from Boston, MA

Everyone agrees it was a super vacation -- or perhaps more an exciting adventure. The travel agents in-country provided excellent support, and were there every day (despite my pessimism that there would be a least one foulup). We learned a lot from the city tours, and it was nice getting a tour with just two couples. We are all eager to go back and do what we left undone (Atacama, Titicaca, Brazil etc.).

Some feedback for future reference:
-- the hotels were great; we all loved the Loi Suites, the Miraflores, and of course the Explora which was well worth the expense. The Capitan Eberhard in Puerto Natales, however, did not measure up to the rest(although they did make a good pisco sour).
-- We were never quite sure that we were getting the kind of room that was booked
-- in Punta Arenas (Finis Terrae) we got bumped up to a much better room when Marianne asked for a double bed--most of the rooms had twin beds. In hindsight, we should have tried that at the Capitan Eberhard.
-- We all agree that we could have used a few more days in Cuzco/Macchu Picchu, although we did see the high spots. The hotel in Macchu Picchu was very nice, with many ecological hikes, but unfortunately we could not take advantage. This was our problem in trying to do a lot in three weeks. I think if I had it to do over, I would skip the Navimag, and go for more time in Peru. However, Dick and Marianne, particularly, liked the Navimag so it's not an easy call.

In any case, we were all impressed with your organization of the tour, your good advice, and your colleagues in-country. We would be happy to provide an endorsement for any potential customers, and will recommend you to our friends. Again, many thanks.

Review By: Norman and Ann Marie H. and Dick and Marianne S.

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