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Jewish Tours
The Jewish people have a long-standing community in Argentina. This specialized tour will give you a good historical overview and an insight into the Jewish community in Argentina and Buenos Aires. Informative tours of various lengths are available Monday through Thursday in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Day Tours:
A number of interesting and tours can be organized in your Argentina visit.
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Buenos Aires 3-Day Tour:
Enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires and get a full Jewish experience too.
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Moise Ville Colony 3-Day Tour:
Visit Moise Ville, a Jewish town in the heart of Argentina, for an unforgettable Jewish experience.
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Buenos Aires 8-Day Tour:
Enjoy a full week getaway to Argentina with a Jewish mindset.
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Jewish Tours Overview:
If you are interested in learning about Jewish Buenos Aires first-hand, we highly recommend our tour because: In addition to our wonderful hosts who look forward to sharing a highly personalized visit with you, we are given special permission to organize guest-visits to Jewish buildings.

On account of two bombings against the Jewish community in Buenos Aires in the 1990s, Jewish building-security is understandably particularly strict about tourists' dropping by. We request a security reference from guests in their local communities and, thanks to our relationship with the local Buenos Aires community, are able to arrange for your entry into the buildings we visit.

All tours are private and include private car and English speaking guide. A portion of the tours proceeds go to support local Jewish community needs.

Jewish Hosts and Guides:
Your dynamic and knowledgeable host shares an inside-look into the current situation of local Jewish community life, as well as an overview of Jewish Argentina, during the course of your visit.

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