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An Antarctica cruise ship picking up passangers coming back from visiting the continent

   Antarctica Cruises
Getting to Antarctica is not just about the destination; it's also about the journey! Since cruising is the only way you'll get to the frozen continent, we'll make sure you pick the best ship for your adventure. Ship itineraries run about from 12 to 20 days. From renovated research ship to luxury expedition cruiser, you'll discover that your "home away from home" makes all the difference in your comfort and safety. Small research ships create an intimate atmosphere conducive to socializing, while larger expedition ships offer upscale dining and amenities for the more discriminating traveler. Whether you are going solo or just looking for adventure and more shore time, a small research ship may be right for you. If money is less of an issue and you are traveling with family or a romantic partner, a luxury cruise may be more suitable.

Luxury Expedition Cruise Ships
If you desire a smooth ride aboard a five-star vessel with first-class amenities, choose a luxury expedition ship. While most luxury cruises to Antarctica do not include glitzy shows and "Love Boat" style discos, they do feel more like country club yachts with artsy touches and gourmet cuisine. A trip to Antarctica on one of these vessels will still allow for close viewing of wildlife, but with the added creature comforts a smaller ship may lack.

Research Ships
If you want to experience the ultimate Antarctic adventure and get as close to the continent as possible, but have a more limited budget, choose a research ship. These former research vessels have been refurbished for expeditionary passenger cruising. They offer the most economical approach to visiting the White Continent and the best opportunity for adventurous travelers to share accommodations and make new friends along the way.

Cruise Ship Options:
Read about the recommended ships below or call a represenatative to discuss the ship that will be right for your trip to Antarctica.

The Ushuaia Cruise Ship M/V Ushuaia Cruise:
An expedition to Antarctica on the M/V Ushuaia is an opportunity for unsurpassed wildlife watching in one of the most remote and pristine places in the world. The Ushuaia was originally built for oceanographic research and is still equipped for research and logistical cruises. Since its renovation in 2002, the Ushuaia can accommodate 70 passengers and 30 crew members safely and comfortably. Equipped with Zodiacs (rubber motorized boats), the Ushuaia can make landings for further exploring of the continent.
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Sarpik Ittuk Cruise Cruise Ship Sarpik Ittuk Cruise:
Seasoned travelers who desire expedition-style cruising with the comforts of a grand hotel will appreciate sailing aboard the Sarpik Ittuk. Upgraded in 2000 and again in 2006, this ice class expedition ship features all-outside, all-private cabins and first-class amenities, including a professional galley. The newly refurbished vessel has a glass-enclosed forward observation lounge on its top deck and ample promenade deck space for wildlife viewing Passengers need not sacrifice their adventurous spirit, however, for they may choose to make a number of shore landings by way of the ship's own RIBs (rigid inflatable boats).
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Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship Lyubov Orlova Cruise:
The discriminating traveler who prefers large-ship cruising and plush accommodations will find satisfaction aboard the Russian ice ship Lyubov Orlova. Exemplary international cuisine prepared by international chefs, an exercise room, library, lounge, large suites, and complimentary guest robe are just a few of the features that set this vessel apart from other Antarctic ships. Built in former Yugoslavia in 1976 and remodeled in 2002, this ice-strengthened ship can accommodate up to 110 passengers.
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